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    MEAT ∙ DAIRY ∙ BAKERY (MDB) is a specialized exhibition for meat, dairy and bakery market of Kazakhstan, which presents the whole range of production and processing equipment and technological solutions, including accessories, ingredients, packing, refrigeration equipment, control and measuring instruments, etc.

    The main aims of MDB exhibition are to show current capacities, investment attractiveness and development prospects of advanced processing of agricultural products, to decrease food staples import, to increase domestic products competitiveness and export potential and to upgrade equipment and enhance enterprises productivity.

    Within the framework of the agroindustrial complex state support, program “Agrobusiness-2020”, more than 139 bln. tenge ($ 412 Mio) is to be assigned to develop food and pharmaceutical industries by 2020. In 2015, the overall production of industrial products made: 153 bln. tenge ($454 Mio) on meat processing and preserving and meat products manufacturing, 167 bln. tenge ($495 Mio) on bakery and pastries production and 187 bln. tenge ($555 Mio) on dairy products manufacturing.

    Today, exhibition MEAT DAIRY BAKERY is one of the largest business events of meat, dairy and bakery industry in Central Asia and, of course, the leading trade fair for the industry in Kazakhstan. Participation in the MDB exhibition is your opportunity to strengthen your position in the Kazakhstan market!